The Bathroom – How to have it functioning correctly

The Bathroom – How to have it functioning correctly

As with all plumbing fixtures toilets must be kept clean in order to last. Two simple methods of cleaning a toilet are with a brush and toilet cleaner or for more difficult stains a good cleanser and Scotchbrite sponge. Try to keep up under the rim as clean as possible as this is a place for the buildup of calcium deposits and mildew.
Avoid using bleach or blue tablets in the tank as this is hard on the rubber parts. If you must use them expect to be changing the flapper regularly.
Be sure to keep caps on the floor bolts or they will corrode quickly.plumber
Wipe down the sides and around the base with a light detergent or other cleaner.
Caulking around the base of the toilet is recommended for a neat appearance. Caulk must be kept clean to last.

Keeping a faucet clean will help it keep its shine for a lifetime. A daily or regular wipe-down of a faucet will do wonders occasionally you may need to use a general-purpose cleaner or a cleanser for tough stains.
One way to protect the finish of a faucet is to give it a car waxing.
Chrome will far outlast other finishes because of its nature. A polished brass finish may loose its luster because contaminants get under the protective coating. Avoid purchasing polished brass fixtures.
Occasionally you will need to replace the aerator to obtain a nice aerated flow.

Take care of the chrome and brass in the same manor as a faucet, wiping it down daily. Clean with a non abrasive cleaner. Protect with car wax.
An important part of tub/shower maintenance is the caulking. Clean caulking regularly with a bleach based mildew killer. Replace the caulk if it is separating from the fixture as soon as possible. Be sure to caulk around the faucet controls and tub spout. see services
Scrub walls and base with a non abrasive cleanser such as comet.
Seal tile grout on a regular basis as recommended by the manufacturer of the sealant..
To keep clear glass shiny, use a squeegee after every shower.

Never put anything down the drain except water, soap, toilet paper and human waste. Avoid allowing food down the drain, even with a garbage disposal.
Treat trouble drains such as the kitchen sink drain with an enzyme made for drains. The bacteria will dissolve buildup before it clogs the drain.
Try to keep hair out of the shower drain with a services
Pour bleach into drain and let stand for five minutes to destroy odors.



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