The Art of Mental Warfare is going to do to you: What Dylan did to folk music, What Hendrix did to electricity, What Pollock did to the canvas, What Ali did to the ring, What a juiced up Bonds did to the Home Run, What Paine did to revolution, What Jefferson did to democracy, What Bush did to stolen elections, What Einstein did to the atom, What Darwin did to evolution, It’s Happening Here Mr & Ms Jones. Jump Start Your Mind. Our time has come. We’re going to do what your mama did to you. It’s time to be born. Awake! Shake your chains to earth like dew, Which in sleep had fallen on you.
Ye are Many – They are Few.

“Something is happening here, but ya don’t know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?”

So… what is this site all about anyway? To answer this, I’ll refer you to an interview that I did with a popular European publication. I don’t think this overpaid interviewer even knows what the internet is!

Q: Is the Art of Mental Warfare website going to be a blog for the book?

A: No! I hate the word blog or blogger. The mainstream press has successfully mind-fucked me when it comes to those words. I think of a blogger and I see some geek ass loser in their underwear, a pathetic bastard with no social life and way too much time on their hands blathering on about meaningless crap.

Seriously though, the site is an outgrowth of the book. It contains excerpts and further explores themes and topics addressed. The site also contains works inspired by the book. It allows me to collaborate with people and present multimedia in a way that a book obviously cannot. You know the deal by now. They are two vastly different communication mediums. I feel that if you read the book you will appreciate the site more and vice versa.

Q: So if the site is not going to be a blog and you’re not a blogger, what would you consider what you’re doing? Will it be a news site? An online column?

A: No. Definitely not. When I think of a column or a columnist, I think of some snobby uptight Ivy League prick that thinks they know way more then they actually know. Besides, to me a column is just a dry, journalistic top down written word type thing. This site is much more free, much more interactive and expressive… mental Rock ‘n’ Roll… Ya dig? A column is a slingshot, a website is an atomic bomb. And if it was a news site, I would be a slave to the news of the day, and news is a relentless tyrant that doesn’t afford you any time to seriously understand the depth of the issues.

But I don’t look at what I do as blogging.