Book Description:

The most revolutionary book since Tom Paine’s Common Sense. The political and corporate elite are exposed in exquisite detail. The Art of Mental Warfare presents a devastatingly penetrating and insightful look into how power functions in our modern media saturated era. From the most sophisticated and insidious propaganda techniques to well documented covert operations that led to 9/11 and the war in Iraq; from destruction of the environment to the concentration of wealth, economic debt and rampant consumerism, it is all laid out for you in this thoroughly researched work that reaches far beyond the Left vs Right, Republican vs Democrat dynamic. David Vincent has put together a brilliant collection of political, psychological, historical and philosophical thought and social criticism. Arranged in a unique and artistic way featuring investigative reporting, essays, quotes, poetry and original material. This book is required reading for any thinking person who cares about freedom and the future. The Art of Mental Warfare will drastically change the way you look at the world.

Confessions of a PsyOps Agent:

“I want people to know how the game is played.” — David Vincent

This book is my version of OJ’s, If I Did It. If I was, let’s say, a covert psychological operations expert working within the US intelligence community, this would be the book I would write. Now, I’m not saying that I’m actually a covert PsyOps agent with first hand experience in manipulating public opinion, if I was I couldn’t admit that. So, I’m not… I mean who the hell would believe me anyway. People would think I’m crazy if I said that I worked for Henry Kissinger in a black program designed to create and manipulate public opinion. Who would believe me if I said that I spent time learning from Edward Bernays? Most people probably don’t even know who he is. How many people would actually believe that I ran a covert program that worked with the NSC, CIA, 4th POG and Army Intel to conducted psychological ops within the US. I mean, it isn’t even legal to conduct PsyOps within in the US, on your own people. Then again, in the covert world nothing is illegal. The black world is above the law, above the Constitution as well. Shit, it’s national security, anything goes! The bottom line has to be that I have nothing to do with the intel community and the book cannot contain any Classified Information. Everything in the book is above-board information that is available in the public record. You can take what I present and research it for yourself. Consider this book a starting point. – David V